What I wish I knew years ago when I started! These are the best blogging secrets and strategies that have made a BIG difference for my Christian encouragement blog. Blogging tips and tricks. Blogging for beginners. Blogger resources. Networking for bloggers.

10 Game-changing lessons I’ve learned about blogging

What I wish I knew back then! The best blogging secrets: foundations and strategies that have made a BIG difference for me and I’m sharing them with you!

If only …

  • If only I had been connected with a group of other inspiring bloggers from the outset.
  • If only I had found someone who could tell me the MOST important blogging secrets I needed to know when I started.
  • If only I had known in the beginning what I learned later down the road, I could have gotten off the racetrack and onto a highway headed somewhere.

If you’re on this blogging journey and would like a little traveling advice, here are: 5 foundational perspectives and 5 practical strategies.

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What I wish I knew years ago when I started! These are the best blogging secrets and strategies that have made a BIG difference for my Christian encouragement blog. Blogging tips and tricks. Blogging for beginners. Blogger resources. Networking for bloggers.

What I wish I knew years ago when I started! These are the best blogging secrets and strategies that have made a BIG difference for my Christian encouragement blog. Blogging tips and tricks. Blogging for beginners. Blogger resources. Networking for bloggers.

5 Foundational Perspectives

(delivered via a traveling analogy)

1-“Why” may be the GPS but “Who” is Siri

In the beginning, I heard “KNOW YOUR WHY” over and over. But the more I wrestled with that question, the more fearful and unsure I became that I should even have a “why.”

And so I changed the question.
I finally got clarity about my “why” when I started thinking about my “who.” I let the “who” be the Siri voice in my head even if the “why” still had rights to the GPS.

Here’s the crazy twist on this:

  • By focusing on why I was doing this, I kept my eyes on me.
  • When I began to think about the audience God was bringing my way, it took the focus off myself.
  • With the focus on others, my own “why” became clearer.

I changed my entire thought process, messaging, and now run everything I do through a filter that asks, “Will my God-given audience benefit from this?”
This has taken my blog from being a glorified online journal to a ministry with future plans that excite me beyond anything I’ve done in a long time.

I’m no longer in this to tell my stories
but to tell stories of mine
that impact others and
bring hope and life to their journey.

So what about you?
Are you wrestling with that question? Do you feel the pressure to define why you’re doing this? Maybe you need to stop thinking so much about yourself and your plans as well.

Knowing the WHY of WHY YOU do this is a game-changer. It gives you the roadmap and helps you stay the course. But you might find it by starting with WHO.

2-Action drives; Clarity rides shotgun

I envy those who “just know” what they’re supposed to be doing. Those people “just need” to get it on paper and then put it into practice.

For me, I had to put things into practice to figure out what went on the paper.

I eventually enrolled in a blogging course. It changed everything for me. And one of the first lessons offered help in deciphering that “why.” I loved the course, but I couldn’t do the lessons in order.

I had to “do” a little bit
before I could “plan” a little more.

Maybe that describes you? If so, you and I are in good company. I listened to a summit of successful leaders and many of them spoke this truth: Clarity comes with action.

So if you’re feeling stuck, then just do something. Take the next step. Try it and call it practice. In the going, we learn more about how we should go.

3-Consistency, Grit, and Patience form the pit crew

Those successful leaders I mentioned above also said things like:

  • “Consistency will give you a compounding that nothing else will.”
  • “Grit is the single biggest factor and predictor of success.”
  • “Be patient. You can’t measure results that you haven’t given time to show up.”

These three disciplines are the pit crew because they ensure proper maintenance of our efforts. They aren’t the glorious things. But they are the necessary things. Without them, we aren’t going anywhere.

So, dear friend, are you with me?

Let’s start somewhere,
serve someone,
and trust that success
will both be defined and delivered by God in His time.

4-This is a six-lane freeway, not a crowded side street

You might be tempted — like me — to look at all the online bloggers and people who are much further along and think all the good opportunities have passed. Not true.
The ones with the most success are the ones calling loudest, “Join us in helping others.”

This is especially true for Christian bloggers. Do you think the world has enough missionaries or people willing to do ministry? No? Well, the same goes for those with the mission and gifting to write about the hope that Jesus provides.

Not all are gifted to write. And of those who can write, not all have the ability or tenacity to stick with the technology and techniques blogging requires. If you are drawn to this field, there has never been a better time to jump in. The tools and training available are boundless.

And remember:
There is power in the story of God’s redemption and working in your life. If the enemy can convince you that you don’t matter, he can undercut your calling. Don’t listen to his lies.

The world needs what you have to offer:
your unique voice, your personal message, and your gifts and talents.

5-Stick Fear in the Trunk

Don’t wait for fear to disappear. It’s not going anywhere. However, you don’t have to let it inside — stick it in the trunk. If you wait to start the engine until fear has hitchhiked with someone else, you’re never going to do it.

Might you fail? Yes. Try it anyway.

Will it cost you time, energy, and money? Yes. It’s worth it.

Will there be people who don’t like what you do? Yes. Do it anyway.

Learn from criticism if there’s something worth changing
but don’t give the critics the microphone in your head.

Realize the ones you think are brave and self-assured are the ones who just learned to do it anyway. Their fear monster beats regularly from inside their trunk. You just can’t see it because it’s caged, but don’t misinterpret that for conquered.

And here’s the secret I’ve learned:

Knowing your why …
Focusing on your who …
Acting on something …
Serving someone …
Choosing to be faithful, patient, and consistent and …
Finding joy where you are now …
ALL join together in a booming chorus to sing louder in your head than the fear that’s shouting inside your heart.

5 Practical Strategies

Give these five things top priority

1-List building

This one tops the list of blogging secrets:
Start immediately building the list of those who have given you permission to contact them. Social media doesn’t count!

Don’t wait to have it all in place before taking a step.

  • Choose an email service provider (ESP) other than the embedded Jetpack blog subscription option.
  • If you begin capturing the emails of those who are interested in your content within a GOOD system initially, it will save you a lot of time later. There is much free training out there for both ESPs mentioned.
  • Create a subscriber freebie (lead magnet).
  • Nurture your list and talk to them via email. Don’t just send out your blog post.
  • Develop a consistent email plan and PROVIDE VALUE in your emails every time. Don’t commit to a publishing plan that you can’t craft valuable content to support. Choose quality over quantity.

I have tried many of the email service providers on the market and the two I recommend are ConvertKit and Mailer Lite. I’m working on a follow-up post to explain why, so stay tuned.

{ConvertKit also has a free eBook about email marketing best practices.}

2-Pillar Post content

The days of using a blog as an online journal or rant platform are waning. Once you know your WHO and your WHY:

  • Write quality evergreen content that fulfills a bigger purpose and greater need.
  • Opt for quality over quantity, because these posts are going to be around for a while.
  • Write with your “Who” in mind and edit out anything that only serves your need to say it, not their need to hear it.
  • Repurpose and remarket that content, especially utilizing Pinterest.
  • Once your inventory is built up, you’ll be able to get on a rotating schedule, sometimes choosing to update an older post instead of creating brand new content.

This free blog structure blueprint offered by Elite Blog Academy will help you wrap your mind around the organizational aspect.

Don’t miss your chance to grab your copy!

Elite blog academy course and free resource for successful bloggers


Pinterest is becoming the top traffic-driving social media platform. Users scrolling through Pinterest are conditioned to click off the site to go explore content.

There is a strategy to pinning, creating repin-worthy pins, and leveraging group boards. You likely need a course to learn these, as they aren’t things you’d know just from being a Pinterest consumer.

I learned so much about Pinterest through Elite Blog Academy. I took the course when it was open and I returned to it as I began plotting a business for the future.

Enrollment is currently closed, but you can find great tips on Pinterest and more on the Elite Blog Academy BLOG.

4-Collaboration groups

Blogging is not easy and there are numerous questions. You can spend hours researching the answer or you can log on to a group and pose your question and get quick “Do this. Not that” input.

Whether it’s a private Facebook group or another type of mastermind group, find one that fits your niche and start learning from others!

This is hard. Don’t try to do it alone.

5-Good training and great teachers

I’m a do-it-myself, big-girl-panties girl. I thought google and I could figure it out. Maybe we could have, but I would likely still be researching.

I finally realized the time I could save by paying to learn from someone who had implemented successful practices was worth the money.

I spent hours upon hours of research vetting the ones I would allow to get inside my head and influence my perspective and strategies. You don’t want to learn from just anyone.

Blogging Course Recommendation

If you haven’t heard of Ruth Soukup (founder of Living Well Spending Less), she is one to learn from. After her success building a 7-figure business on the back of her blog, she turned her attention to teaching others what works. I took her paid course Elite Blog Academy when it was open and I returned to it as I began plotting a business for the future.

Enrollment is currently closed. In fact, it only opens once a year.


You can get a weekly dose of valuable blogging secrets, instant access to the Blog Structure Blueprint, and other insider tips if you simply get on the VIP Waiting list.

There’s nothing to lose. Click below and start listening in on the experts today!

Click here to Check it Out!


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43 responses to “10 Game-changing lessons I’ve learned about blogging”

  1. Sue @ mamaofthreeboys Avatar

    Hello! This has to be hands down the best post I have read in a while. The top half really encouraged me. Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable to the Lord! That’s what I thought of as I read it, and may His words not be hidden but revealed to those who need to hear or read it!
    Thanks for the encouragement sister!


    1. Christi Avatar

      Thank you for such kind words. And amen to your internal dialogue. Right there with you, sister!

      Appreciate you taking the time to connect ~ Christi

  2.  Avatar

    Thanks Christi, I am just looking at the prospect of a blog and am thinking about how to best use it to serve Christ. Your tips were very helpful!

  3. BJ Dillard Avatar

    Hi Christi!!!

    WOW! You were right! Thank you for pointing me to this post! I absolutely LOVED your suggestion to flip flop the WHY & WHO! That was super smart! And helpful! Your “Try it anyway”, “It’s worth it” and “Do it anyway” statements were powerful! I am totally sticking my fear in the trunk. TODAY! I love that you suggested Arabah’s CBB and Pinterest in 21 courses! Since I learned about you from Arabah Joy, I was already eyeballing those. So, thanks for sealing that deal! #HelloCouponCode And hopefully, when her course comes back around, I will already have my blog up and running and ready to go. It’s coming along slowly but surely. Finding your blog has been nothing short of God’s grace and guidance through much prayer. What a sweet sigh of relief and breath of fresh air you are! Thank you for inspiring me so that I can go and inspire others. :-) xoxo ~BJ

    1. Christi Avatar

      Glad you liked it! I’ll be excited to see what you come up with along the way. You have a passion and a way with words that will be a fantastic combination for an online ministry.

      Yes, Arabah is a master and I really don’t think there’s anyone else out there better for Christian bloggers to line up with and learn from. I’ll be excited to see you in that group when you make it there.

      P.S. — Although Pin 21 has a start/end date, CBB is now evergreen and you can join any time.

  4. Natalie @ Milk & Honey Faith Avatar

    Hello there Christi! I am a brand new Christian blogger and this post helped me tons! I’m kind of tip-toeing my way into this virtual fellowship but so far God is taking me to all the right places. I really feel the need to join a Facebook group now and dive into Pinterest a bit more. Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Christi Avatar

      I’m so glad you found this helpful! Thanks for taking time to encourage me as well.

  5. Christa Sterken (@Csterken) Avatar

    Ahhh, this post was an encouraging relief. There has been so much “noise” of the how to’s and the every advancing technology for bloggers, I’ve been a bit discouraged. This made me remember WHY I want to do this, and that the efforts thus far have been fruitful. Because its not about me…

    1. Christi Avatar

      You are so wise to seek perspective. The discouragement sets in very easily. Thanks for taking a moment to speak life here!

  6. Jennifer Avatar

    Great article! Pinterest is something I’ve been needing to work on and you just gave me the push to do it! Thanks so much for linking through Shine Blog Hop.

    1. Christi Avatar

      Thank you! Yes, Pinterest has been a major traffic driver. So glad you found something useful in here!

  7. Horace Williams Jr Avatar

    Oh wow! I love the post Christi! What a beautiful extension of the “Know your why” I may use that at the next blogging conference I attend!(Giving you the credit of course;) No seriously thank you for writing this from a Christian bloggers perspective. It is so encouraging and I want to share so that other Christian bloggers I know will read your words of wisdom. I love the freeway reference and “stick fear in the trunk” I have been known to suffer at times from paralysis from analysis. The analytical side of me sometimes critiques the creativity that God puts on my heart. I’m getting better the more time I spend in His word and prayer. I have the Christian Bloggers Boot Camp from Ms. Joy in my email feed. I believe it’s time to get started. Thanks again for sharing these wonderful thoughts that God has laid on your heart! Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Christi Avatar

      You have been such a joy to get to “know” through the bits and bytes. What an encourager you are with so much deep, thoughtful, affirmation here. I am so excited to know you have joined CBB. You MUST get in that Facebook group so I can meet you!

  8. Ifeoma Samuel Avatar
    Ifeoma Samuel

    Well Summed up! I read your article and really enjoyed it!
    Thank you for sharing your personal lessons. I also learnt from it..
    God Bless

    1. Christi Avatar

      Thank you for saying so! So much to learn, right! I’ve been so blessed to have so many light the way for me. Happy to give a little back!

  9. Bonnie Lyn Smith Avatar

    Lovely, Christi….very helpful! I plan to re-read after the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving! Pinning and tweeting! Blessings from Espressos of Faith via #Grace&Truth!

    1. Christi Avatar

      Thanks, Bonnie!

  10. Cheryl @The Long Way to Go Avatar

    Hi Christi! I went through that course with you (I believe); my family bought it for me for Mother’s Day! I wasn’t on the FB group much, but I was encouraged there and really have benefited from the course. Sounds like you have too! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I’m glad to have found you today and I’m now following you. :)

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