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My speaking is limited to occasional opportunities.
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Do you ever feel …

Wondering if
you’re the only one who can’t
seem to get a grip
or grasp the elusive
under control?

Me too.
And I believe that
those who have struggled
are the best ones to help those still struggling.

Personally ~

I’ve experienced God’s sustaining grace through the storms of life
and learned a little about survival-grade faith.

Professionally ~

I’ve experimented with online marketing best practices
and learned much about what works, what doesn’t, and what matters most.

So if I can help you, here’s a little of what you might want to know about me.

Author & Speaker / Editor & Publisher

I write and speak so others know they are not alone
and are encouraged to grow in survival-grade faith.

On the blog, you’ll find relatable stories, relevant experience, practical life application, and foundational biblical truth.

Learn about survival-grade faith, seeking God’s will, and find hope for your parenting fears.

Navigating life is HARD.
Often, those ministering need the MOST encouragement.

I love speaking to women at retreats, mom events, or simple gatherings of sisters looking to “just keep swimming” together.

I’ll encourage YOU as YOU inspire others.

Author of Revival

6 Steps to Reviving Your Heart and Rebuilding Your Prayer Life

“I was highlighting everything,” one reviewer said.
Check it out and see what else people are saying!

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Wife, Mom & Child of God

I love Jesus, my Savior, and walk in His grace daily, as I certainly can’t do this on my own.

I married my high school sweetheart almost three decades ago.

We have three children of our own and one by marriage – our son’s wife.

Two of them are fully launched and the youngest is spreading her wings at college.

I’ve been teaching the Bible since I was a teen — when I interned under some very patient and wise mentors.

God’s Word is still fresh every time I study it.

Three decades of children’s ministry, three years teaching junior high Bible in a private school, and years of youth ministry and women’s ministry have left my heart full and my mind blown.

Making Life and Words Count

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