Making the trials of LIFE count by encouraging you toward survival-grade faith.
Making every WORD count by teaching marketing & messaging best practices.

Do you ever feel …

Wondering if
you’re the only one who can’t
seem to get a grip or grasp the elusive
under control?

Me too. Those who have struggled are the best ones to help those still struggling.

Personally ~

I’ve experienced God’s sustaining grace through the storms of life
and learned a little about survival-grade faith.

Professionally ~

I’ve experimented with online marketing best practices
and learned much about what works, what doesn’t, and what matters most.

So if I can help you, here’s a little of what you might want to know about me.

Faith Writer & Inspirational Speaker

I write and speak so others know they are not alone
and are encouraged to grow in survival-grade faith.

On the blog (formerly The Cheerio Trail), you’ll find relatable stories, relevant experience, practical life application, and foundational biblical truth.

Learn about survival-grade faith, seeking God’s will, and find hope for your parenting fears.

Navigating life is HARD.
Often, those ministering need the MOST encouragement.

I love speaking to women at retreats, mom events, or simple gatherings of sisters looking to “just keep swimming” together.

I’ll encourage YOU as YOU inspire others.


I’ll be launching a page dedicated to my speaking and writing services soon.
As that information comes together, it will be here.


Digital Marketing Strategist & Trainer

I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits
find the marketing GOLD
without panning through all the dirt.

In my Make It Count courses (coming soon), you’ll learn and implement some of the most important digital marketing tactics to tell your story and attract your target audience.

Cut through information overload and decision fatigue to focus on what matters most.

Modern marketing is COMPLEX.
Leaders usually have the LEAST time available to research.

My Christian worldview integrates into everything I do and teach professionally.
More about my professional background here.

I’ll teach you what I KNOW so you can prioritize what you NEED.


Marketing training

You don’t have to wait for the launch of those services and training!
Get on the list for the inside track and pick up a few tips along the way.


Get on the list + Quick Win Digest

I’ll share the best tools, tips, and training I’ve found while navigating the digital marketing jungle.

Wife, Mom & Child of God

I love Jesus, my Savior, and walk in His grace daily, as I certainly can’t do this on my own.

I married my high school sweetheart almost three decades ago.

Ed kiss

We have three children of our own and one by marriage – our son’s wife.

Two of them are fully launched and the youngest is spreading her wings at college.

I’ve been teaching the Bible since I was a teen — when I interned under some very patient and wise mentors.

God’s Word is still fresh every time I study it.

Three decades of children’s ministry, three years teaching junior high Bible in a private school, and years of youth ministry and women’s ministry have left my heart full and my mind blown.

I’m not sure why you’re here

but here is what I do know:

  • We all need to know we aren’t alone.
  • We need to hear others say, “This is hard.”
  • We also need to be reminded that God is faithful and working for our good.

I also know encouragers need encouragement.


I have something that might help:

Free Download: 6 Cries of the Heart

My Scripture mini-guide, 6 Cries of the Heart,
comes with a link to a companion set of praise song playlists.

Making Life and Words Count

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