Advent Christmas Behold Collection by Christi Gee She Sees Truth

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My new book Behold released just in time for this Advent season.

If you’re any version of normal, you likely need a little help adjusting your focus.
The demands of the season so easily scoot in and crowd out the wonder of the meaning.
We’ve heard and told the story a hundred times.
We put up the manger scene and flip on the lights and move on to the next thing.

But what if we didn’t this year?
What if we spent each day of advent with a calling to BEHOLD?

Find out more about the book here.

New book releasing for Christmas Advent. Behold by Christi Gee corresponds to the artwork by She Sees Truth

More to Behold!

I’ve teamed up with my daughter, who hand-letters beautiful artwork at She lettered the art that corresponds with the devotionals in the book.

You can use the art to send to friends, but it’s quite possible you’ll choose to keep it for yourself and smother your home, office, or mantle with these beautiful reminders. The art is inspired by favorite lines from treasured Christmas hymns.

View the art in her Etsy shop







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