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Come and Behold! Join the Advent Journey

Hear the invitation to Come and BEHOLD! Tune your heart to the awe-inspiring pulse of Christmas: God. With. Us. Find out more about my book all about Advent.

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Christmas has a distinctive “look” unlike any other holiday we celebrate. It differs between cultures and families, but everyone knows what Christmas looks like to them. “Getting ready for Christmas” usually begins with the decorations that set the foundation for the look.

Christmas has a look.
And the first message about Christmas was a call to “look” — or rather, behold.
The angel told Mary:
“And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.”
(Luke 1:31)

Chapter titles in the book BEHOLD

Behold goes beyond a simple look, however.
It’s used in the New Testament “when a thing is specified which is unexpected yet sure” or seems “impossible and yet occurs.” In other places, it is the equivalent to observe or consider.

So although behold begins with “look,” it certainly doesn’t end there.
And neither does the message of Christmas.
But it is a start. Christmas is about looking.
The first response of the shepherds? Go look.
The reaction of the magi? Seek and find.
Even the old priest Simeon had been promised the blessing of seeing the Christ child before his dying breath.

So as you contemplate this Advent season, consider what has your focus.
Where are you looking?
What are you beholding?

This is the purpose behind my new book that just released on Amazon.

New book releasing for Christmas Advent. Behold by Christi Gee corresponds to the artwork by She Sees Truth

See the book on Amazon

Hear the invitation!

Instead of a list of things to do, hear the invitation to BEHOLD what he has done.
Replace the message of a fictional character who’s always watching to see if you’ve been bad with a daily declaration that you will ponder what the Author of Creation is up to in your life.
Buy the gifts and celebrate the giving, but intentionally consider the message that heaven sent when God gave his son.

Join this Advent journey.

Let it be the inspiration to tune your heart to the awe-inspiring pulse of Christmas: God. With. Us.

From Behold: "He knows how scary it is to be you"

The Word became flesh.
And dwelt.
Among people.
And what was the outcome for those who saw and came near?
“We beheld his glory.”
Peter said, “We were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” (2 Peter 1:16)

The impossible occurred and the unexpected was sure.
And because of Christmas, there was a Cross.
And because of the Cross, there’s now a Crown available to you and to me in Glory.

From Behold: "Go ahead and live like you are loved"

Begin with behold

If you begin with behold, you’ll naturally gravitate to glorify, praising his precious name. And that, dear friend, is where you’ll truly see the Christ in Christmas.

Has it been a while since you’ve seen him? I mean really seen him?
If the troubles of this world occupy your mind, it’s time for a redirected focus.
If your heart feels clouded and overwhelmed, your vision of him is blurred and diminished.
If your prayers seem stale, you need a fresh infusion of his glory.
And if you feel powerless to stand up to your situation, maybe it’s time to kneel before the Savior.

Ask him to help you see what you’ve been missing or show you things you never knew to seek.
It’s a game-changer and season-shifter.

From Behold: Worship is liquid-plumber-gold for a clogged heart

Come and behold will lead to become.
Become less anxious and become more joyful.

When you behold, you’ll be filled.
Filled with an awareness of his presence.

And if you’ve beheld, you’ll become more sensitive to being held.
You’ll be reminded you’re not alone.
It’s not all up to you.
You have a Savior who knows the troubles of this world and a God who loved you enough to send him to this cold earth.

So let’s begin with BEHOLD
and I promise you Christmas
will take on a whole new look.

Buy the book on Amazon


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