Behold: 24-day plan with links

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This suggested schedule adds Scripture readings, selected corresponding sermons, personal reflection, prayers, and outreach activities to the content of the book.

The Bible passages will take you through the Christmas narratives, Jesus’ last words before going to the cross, and a few other relevant passages.

Some of the devotional content in Behold reflects on the heart of Christ and the hope of his return. This is the reason for the inclusion of Jesus’ words as recorded by John (ch. 14-17).

You’ll also notice the suggestions for the birth stories are not in chronological order. I hope that by reading sections out of order, you’ll be drawn to notice things you might not have paused to reflect on before.

Corresponding YouTube Playlist: Click Here

 day Book Chapter
Other Activity
Bible Reading
or Other Connection
John 1 Pray for yourself and those around you that God will open your eyes to what he wants you and them to seek this Advent.
2 Sermon Incarnation & Implications
(Matt Chandler)
Write an encouraging note & send Often, the best way to get rid of “me” is to focus on others.
Worship in song!
(See the Behold Advent YouTube playlist)
Matt. 1:18-25 Confess any struggles with waiting or weary in prayer. Ask for fresh strength and thank God for his promise-keeping nature.
6  Sermon   Timing is Everything
(James Merritt)
John 14 Write out John 14:1 and memorize it. Pray for the fruit of joy.
*See below for alternative activity Choose one or more of the HOPE Scriptures at the end of the chapter. Copy and post in view. (If you purchased the art, you can write them on the back of the “A Thrill of Hope” print.)
Matt. 27:45-28:10 Contemplate the cross. Plan a sunrise service.
Matt. 2:1-12 Write out the details of your church’s Christmas Eve service. (You could use one of your art prints if you bought the collection.) Take it with you today and look for someone to give it to and invite them.
 11  Sermon Who Were the Wise Men
(John MacArthur)
John 15 Thank God for his redeeming work in your life.
Luke 1:26-56 Contemplate the questions at the end of the chapter. Maybe you should even write them out on a note card to keep in view?
Matt. 2:13-23 Pray 1 Cor. 10:13 back to God and acknowledge any temptation you need help escaping.
15 Day of Prayer Rom. 7:15-8:39 Pray this passage from Romans back to God.
John 16 Reflect on what it means for Christ to understand your weaknesses.
17 Sermon He Knows
(Matt Chandler)
18 COMING (ch.13) John 17 Worship.
19 Outreach Luke 2:1-20 Reach out to someone for whom the holidays are hard this year. Write a note; bake and take; make a call.
20 Sermon Christmas Prophecies Fulfilled
(John MacArthur)
21 Read this short article after you read from Matthew. Matt. 1:1-17 The Genealogy of Grace
(John MacArthur)
22 Read & Reflect Luke 1:1-25;
Reflect: Where do you struggle with believing God is able? Pray for his help in this area.
23  Sermon Glorious
(Matt Chandler)
24  Outreach Take goodies and maybe even a few of your art prints to the first responders on call tonight (hospitals, fire stations, police stations). Tell them “thank you” for their service.

*Alternative activity for day 8 (HOPE): Read Isaiah 59:9-60:22. This is the passage mentioned in the devotional chapter. Notice the description in 60:19-22. Does this remind you of another passage? (Hint: Think Revelation)