5 unique Bible Reading Plans you must check out!

Includes a new and unique option! These Bible reading plans offer daily options, through the year Bible printable plans, chronological one-year Scripture reading schedules, multimedia, videos, podcasts, apps, and even a real paper Bible arranged chronologically.

From a multi-media plan to apps, podcasts, and even a REAL paper Bible that’s the best chronological arrangement I’ve used, this list has a variety of choices. Choose your medium, pick a plan, and just start somewhere!

If you promise a TEXAN a snowfall …

In the style of "If you give a Mouse a Cookie," this post considers how Texans respond to snow. Inspired by the great snow of Dec. 2017

Buc-ees, bare shelves at HEB, shorts with boots, JJ Watt, Bluebell and the kindness of a stranger. Yep, it’s Texas. In the style of  “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and inspired by the great snow of Dec. 2017.

5 Favorite Christian Advent Resources

5 of the best free Christian Advent ideas, calendars, and devotionals. Start a new family tradition, teach your children the true meaning of Christmas, or add to your Bible readings with these resources.

We researched, downloaded, vetted, and culled Christian Advent resources to come up with a list of 5 recommendations for both individuals and families. These 5 Christmas plans don’t require a lot of time, advance preparation, or craftiness but they are deep in spiritual truth.

A Game-changing approach to setting Goals!

Do you want to make real change this year? Here’s a little of what I learned about goal setting and planning. Go beyond New Year resolutions. This is real change by God’s power. Combine Bible study with grace goals and the result is revolutionary change. Take your own personal spiritual retreat with the mini-workshops, printables, and optional private accountability group.

Do you want to make REAL change this year? This goals planner is unlike anything you’ve likely seen. It’s a game-changing approach that doesn’t leave GOD and GRACE behind!

Come and Behold! Join the Advent Journey

New book BEHOLD just released on Amazon for Christmas Advent

Hear the invitation to Come and BEHOLD! Tune your heart to the awe-inspiring pulse of Christmas: God. With. Us. Find out more about my new book that just released in time for Advent.

For when you’re weary of trying

Are you struggling? Click through for encouragement and a reminder that timing is everything. Scripture-based inspiration from Galatians. It's a Wonderful Life failed when it first debuted. Don't give up!

Did you try something that whimpered this year? Are you weary from investing with very little return? Click for a little encouragement!

New! What you don’t want to miss!

Advent Christmas Behold Collection by Christi Gee She Sees Truth

Behold Advent HOME  My new book Behold released just in time for this Advent season. If you’re any version of normal, you likely need a little help adjusting your focus. The demands of the season so easily scoot in and crowd out the wonder of the meaning. We’ve heard and told the story a hundred times. We put up the manger scene … Read More

What if there’s more than just “survival mode”?

What looks like survival mode may just be your training ground for a turning point. 10 Scriptures of hope and an inspiring story from American Revolution

A story of hope for anyone who is just “holding on,” along with ten Scriptures that remind you God is always up to something. What looks like survival mode may just be your training ground for a turning point.