Lost, but Found ~ The story of Aaron Rose

The story of Aaron Rose

He went to serve the lost, and discovered what it means to be found. The most compelling sermon is a life that preaches of God’s goodness, even when life is NOT good. ~ You’ll be left with much to ponder after reading this story of how a fiery ordeal turned a young Christian into a bold witness.

What I would tell my 20-something self (Back to the Future)

Do you need to have a #DearMe conversation with yourself? Does your younger self say, “Seriously! I expected more from you than this!” ~ Well, tell yourself that the goal isn’t perfection in this lifetime — it’s progressive sanctification as we journey toward heaven. ~ Come on in for a little more backtalk!

God marks across some of our days: “Will explain later”

[Author note: This post was originally published in 2014. Although it ends with a resolve to trust, this wasn’t the end of my darkness. I continued to spiral down and lost my voice. I didn’t write again for six months. When God began to lift me from the pit I had stumbled into, the first thing He did was restore … Read More