Why we didn’t turn the other cheek

Just because I’m a Christian, does that mean I’m supposed to be a doormat when a business treats me unfairly? ~ When do I speak and when should I let it go? ~ These are the questions we faced and the resulting “in process” answers we found for our own situation. ~ And spoiler alert: “Turn the other cheek” is way more complicated than it sounds.

Lost, but Found ~ The story of Aaron Rose

The story of Aaron Rose

He went to serve the lost, and discovered what it means to be found. The most compelling sermon is a life that preaches of God’s goodness, even when life is NOT good. ~ You’ll be left with much to ponder after reading this story of how a fiery ordeal turned a young Christian into a bold witness.

What I would tell my 20-something self (Back to the Future)

Do you need to have a #DearMe conversation with yourself? Does your younger self say, “Seriously! I expected more from you than this!” ~ Well, tell yourself that the goal isn’t perfection in this lifetime — it’s progressive sanctification as we journey toward heaven. ~ Come on in for a little more backtalk!

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This Ultimate Toolkit is my FAVORITE find in the last 12 months

When this toolkit launched on the market last October, I knew it looked like a great deal. But in the months since I bought it and have worked through many of the courses, I’m certain it is the BEST find I’ve made so far for moving forward in my online efforts. It’s back for only two days and disappears again … Read More

God marks across some of our days: “Will explain later”

[Author note: This post was originally published in 2014. Although it ends with a resolve to trust, this wasn’t the end of my darkness. I continued to spiral down and lost my voice. I didn’t write again for six months. When God began to lift me from the pit I had stumbled into, the first thing He did was restore … Read More