Could you use
a fresh view
of the Savior
and a little rest
for your soul?

This short multi-media
Bible study
by author Christi Gee
is centered around
the beloved Psalm 23
and will guide you to greener pastures with the Shepherd.

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It’s six steps that will leave footprints on your soul
and a trail of God’s goodness through your heart.

The study is accessible online from wherever you are via the premier Teachable course platform.

The core message is delivered in six inspirational audio sessions.

Supplemental videos, questions to ponder, and places to travel in Scripture will lead you to deeper wells of nourishment.

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In these sessions, you’ll likely hear something that speaks to the very essence of your current struggle or stage of life.

  • Reset the message in your head

  • Relinquish the illusion of control

  • Remove what is undermining your rest

  • Nourish your soul

  • Draw close to the shepherd through the valley

  • Contemplate your cup-overflowing power

Follow in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd
and find rest for your soul.