6 cries of the heart

The 6 cries are waves your heart may cycle through
as you try to find words
to express yourself to your Savior.

Selected Scripture has been chosen for each of the waves
and collected into a beautiful FREE mini-guide.

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When you find yourself
facing the unknown,

your flesh screams for relief,
your mind races for answers,
and your heart begins to melt.

Believers know their first line
of defense is prayer.

But when your world is turned upside down,
you need help to focus your prayers.


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The following sections are each devoted to one cry of the heart.

Each section features a praise song playlist, encouragement, and selected Scripture.


One of the first responses is to cry out to God.

You lay your heart bare before the Lord in an honest, transparent plea that he would hear your cries and draw near.


You want to know you’re not alone.

As you seek the Lord’s help for your loved one or yourself,
one of the things you’ll beg for most is an awareness of his presence and the sense of being held.
Let him in. He is near.

He hears and he cares.


Sometimes he calms the storm and sometimes he calms His child.

The God who said, “Peace be still” to the raging waves whispers the same to your heart.
Listen for that still small voice.


The creator of the universe is able.
More than able.

Not a single maverick molecule can stick its tongue out at the Lord and say, “You can’t make me.”
Nothing is too big for your mountain-moving Father-God.
Lean into and rely on HIS power.

6 Cries of the Heart: Power


As you praise Him through your storm,

you will discover the power, peace, and sense of his presence that envelops your praise.
For some, praise is a first line of defense.
For others, you need time to pour your heart out before getting to this point.
But you will.

6 Cries of the Heart: Power

Press On

There will come a time when you will press on and move forward.

Remember that exhaustion from the stress of your ordeal — as well as setbacks — are common.
Courage doesn’t always sound like a roar.
Sometimes it sounds like a quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”
One step at a time.

6 Cries of the Heart: Power

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