Glimpses of Heaven

Glimpses of Heaven

A reminder to look for God’s activity with an inquisitive and expectant heart.

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My life tends to take random, quirky turns.  For instance, I attend an Arabic Christian Church in Houston. Being welcomed by this community has been a joy. From the solid Biblical teaching to the homemade baklava and hummus, I have been blessed beyond explanation.

Once a month the English and Arabic services join together to partake of communion. This quiescent time of reflection always realigns both my heart and my mind with God. Communion is a sacrament that has always been dear to my heart and I have never taken it lightly. But, when it is officiated in another language, with people from all over the world, I experience a connection to the body of Christ in an intimate way.

It sounds a little strange to say that I feel an intimate connection to God and His people when communion or worship is in a language not my own. As I was praying, enjoying the Arabic songs, and reminiscing about the other languages I have worshiped in, dots began to connect.

I have had the privilege throughout the years to worship with others in many different languages and locations and these moments have been ingrained in my memory. Not just a pleasant vague memory but a visceral recollection of peace and deep connection to the Lord.

As all of this was flowing through my brain and heart, I realized why these moments are so dear to me. It is one of the closest glimpses of heaven we can have here on this earth. It is a time when people of all tongues, cultures, nationalities, and experiences take the time to examine their hearts with the hopes of aligning their souls with the Holy Spirit.

Of course, the cynic in me realizes that not everyone takes this sacrament with the same intentions, but overall it is people taking intentional time to think upon the never ending, unfathomable love of our Father, desiring to develop that relationship in new ways, with a pure heart.

With any ritual, whether religious or not, it is easy to abide by the cliche and just “go through the motions.” The challenge is to look and expect far more from daily life and experiences.

Holistic living — caring for body, mind, and spirit — as a believer requires an inquisitive and expectant heart; exploring the nuances of the way God is moving.

God is always moving— we are the ones who become stagnant. He is continually seeking to give us revelations of His kingdom so that we can seek Him and guide others into the hope of an eternity with the creator. In all of life, I want to be thankful for glimpses of heaven and the movement of God. This begins by remembering to look for them.

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About the Guest Writer

HannahHannah Stoltenberg is an adventurer and explorer who is pursuing an MA in Asian Religions at the University of Hawaii. Life’s unexpected turns have led her to various countries across the globe and even back to her hometown to teach high school for a few years. The love of the Lord and of learning have been eventful thus far and she looks forward to the crazy journeys ahead.


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    Great insights! Thank you for sharing.

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