God's timing is perfect, but it doesn't always feel that way. If you're waiting on God and struggling to trust God's plan and cling to God' promises, this encouragement is for you. Christian quotes, faith quotes, Words of encouragement for women

A story of hope if you’re struggling with God’s timing

Do you hate the waiting game? So did my daughter. God’s timing is perfect, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Here’s hope and encouragement if you’re wrestling with the clock.

{Note: Although the message in this post is TIMELESS, the events described happened over two years ago. For the latest on how this daughter is seeking God’s timing, see Encouraging your single daughter: 10 do’s and don’ts.}

I watched her post on her shiny new blog about being “in between” as the year came to a close. She went on to post, “My Plan Has Ended,” acknowledging that she had come to the end of the course we charted for her undergraduate degree. My oldest daughter was waiting expectantly to see what God had next – a little fearful of the unknown, but full of faith.

But with each passing week, her efforts to find a job and get started with “real” life seemed fruitless. She struggled against the seeming silence of the God whom she believed would guide her through each step.

I would know when her Pinterest feed was full of quotes like …

“Until God opens the next door, I’m going to praise Him in the hallway.”
“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
“Don’t mistake God’s patience for His absence. His timing is perfect and His presence is constant.”

… that she was preaching to herself instead of listening to herself. Resolutely proclaiming what she knew had to be true.

But it was hard. She finally broke down and let it all spill in a post titled, “Facing the Unknown,” where she made these statements:

[blockquote type=”center”]”I’ll be honest, it is frustrating not knowing the next step and not being able to plan.
That’s just the plain and simple truth.
I know what the Bible says about “not worrying about tomorrow” and trusting in God’s timing.
I get those good-intention ‘speeches’ all the time.
I hate the ‘waiting’ game. There. I said it. It is the worst game ever invented. Not fun. At. All.
If I could possess a superpower, it would be the ability to travel through time. Then I could avoid all the worrying about the future because I would already know.”

Um, yes. That reference to those “good-intention speeches” – that would be me. Mom, here.
And really, I didn’t give them that often. I learned early on they weren’t helping that much and I’d save them for when I thought her own internal sermon was waning. Otherwise, I “just” prayed.

How I Prayed for My Daughter

I didn’t exactly pray for what she was asking for, however.

She was in the middle of the drama, but I had a prime box seat with a much different perspective, and I had paid its ticket price with my own experience of waiting. So what did I pray for?

First, I told God “thank you” for the season of rest.

After graduating high school early, this child finished her undergraduate degree ahead of schedule and was starting her graduate work at age 19. We had encouraged her to take it slowly, but she went straight into applying for “big girl” jobs, believing she needed a new plan.

But I knew the child needed a break.
As I watched things NOT fall into place for her, I had my suspicions about what God was doing.
I had one of those rare opportunities to speak truth and I told her:

“Scripture says of some sheep, ‘He makes me lie down in green pastures.’
Honey, you are that kind of sheep. You had to be made to lie down.”

Next, I told God “thank you” for what I could see He was teaching her – lessons I never could.

Mostly because she took after me so much.
She is a planner who always had a plan. And she usually had it right.
When she was only four, she was correcting me if I didn’t put the dishes up in the “right” place.
God was teaching her to lean into Him, not lean on herself.
It was painful to watch her struggle, but I knew personally that it would be a precious lesson she would never forget.

And finally, I asked Him to go with her through each step, before each interview, empowering her to do her best.

Don’t let her self-esteem suffer, Lord. Help her to do absolutely everything she can do, and come away knowing she left it all on the table. Encourage her, Lord. And provide – in your perfect timing, dear Jesus.

God’s Timing is Perfect

She began the last week of March with a blog post “The Start of Something New.”
She wrote about her frustrations using the past tense and proclaimed the following as the present tense:

[blockquote type=”center”]”I have had to relinquish my illusion of control. My crutches have been removed and I have been “forced” to pray over Scripture, rely on the Lord, and trust Him for the next step, often with my prayers mirroring that of Grant Taylor in Facing the Giants, “Lord give me somethin’, show me somethin.”
And then just like in the movie, a Mr. Bridges-like friend or family member lovingly reminds me of this, “Until the Lord moves you, you’re to bloom right where you’re planted.”
With spring almost here to stay, it’s perfect planting season and I’m going to prepare my fields for the rain.
My situation remains the same.
But I have refocused my perspective and I know the rain is coming and I trust in my faithful Lord and will continue to use this time of waiting to do and accomplish that which I can’t when working full-time.
And just as spring brings new life and fresh starts, I’m hoping this is the start of something new…”

Within a week after she wrote that last post, we received a text from her:  “I got the job!” We knew there were two that were still a possibility, so those of us on that chain had to ask, “Which one?”

Within two hours of the first text, we received another:
“OH.MY.WORD.” (btw, not a good text to send your parents)
That text was followed with this explanation: She had just received a call from the second job. It was also an offer of employment.

I do not believe in coincidences. The two offers within two hours were also part of the lesson God had prepared for her. His timing is perfect.

Overwhelmed by the Deluge

I had watched from my box seat for many months and believed that God would provide, despite her discouragement.
But I never expected Him to show off with such an overt, overwhelming, unmistakable display of spring.

Oh, me of little faith. Nothing is impossible for my God.

It was eye-opening for my own journey.
As I watched her squirm — uncomfortable with the unknown and questioning the seeming silence — it was as if I was looking into a mirror.
I have been there more times than I care to admit.

How often I have begged God to speed up His timing — to give me something different than what I had at the time. And when it didn’t  turn out like I envisioned, I  questioned if He was just leaving me in the dark.

Her story reminds me that God still works even when we question His plan and wonder if He’s still there.
He doesn’t give in and give us what we want if it isn’t what we need.
He allows us to hate the waiting game, and not punish us by withholding an answer.

He’s ok with the fact that we may not fully appreciate the winter.
And when it is time for spring – when we have prepared our fields for rain – He can show off with a deluge that will leave us breathless and proclaiming, “God, I am overwhelmed.”

God is good. All the time.
All the time. Our God is GOOD.
And God’s timing is PERFECT.

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48 responses to “A story of hope if you’re struggling with God’s timing”

  1. Beth Willis Miller Avatar

    Christi, what a great post! As a mom and grand mom I have walked in your shoes, truly all is grace,we can trust our Shepherd, He knows what He’s doing. Thanks for your sweet comments on my post today ❤️

    1. Christi Avatar

      Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my place as well. Love that we can encourage each other on the road God has laid out for us.

  2. Linda@Creekside Avatar

    Wow, Christi … your daughter sounds so very wise. Most of us don’t get that kind of wisdom til late in life after lots of ups and downs.

    Parenting an adult daughter’s not for the faint of heart, is it! I know, I know, been there, done that!


    1. Christi Avatar

      Hi Linda! Thank you for that witness that this is not for the faint of heart. And what a sweet assessment of my daughter. I’ll make sure she sees the comment.

  3. Kathryn Shirey Avatar
    Kathryn Shirey

    What a blessing to watch from your perspective and be able to guide her from a place of faith and prayer. I’ve had moments where God’s allowed me to step back from my own journey and glimpse the process at work – and it’s given me so much encouragement to keep pressing forward. Love how God works and how wonderful the plan is coming together for your daughter!

    1. Christi Avatar

      Thanks, Kathryn! I definitely prefer “glimpsing” in on the process at work in others’ lives than pressing on in my own journey :-) (I know, not a word…playing the writer prerogative care!)
      Seriously though, I’m thankful for the gift of perspective as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. samcitty Avatar

    I remember going through the same thing in my 20s. I didn’t realize how difficult that decade was until it was over. God shown his amazing faithfulness through those years, and I know it will be the same for your daughter. Blessed to visit you from #RaRaLinkup.

    1. Christi Avatar

      Thanks for visiting, Samantha. Hindsight IS 20/20, isn’t it? Thankful for your testimony of God’s faithfulness.

  5. Mary Geisen Avatar

    Thank you for these words from the parent as well as child perspective. I can relate to all of this being a parent of two grown sons but one who is now finishing grad school after working for two years as a youth pastor. Trusting God in all things and listening to “mom” speeches will be part of the journey with my son over the next year. Stepping back and trusting at all times will be the biggest part of this journey. Blessed to be visiting you from #TellHisStory

    1. Christi Avatar

      Mary, your words are always a treasure to me. And yes, especially for us writers, those “mom” speeches are hard to hold back on, aren’t they! I am the one BLESSED that you stopped by, btw. Thank you!

  6. holyvacationqueen Avatar

    I’m so glad I stopped by from #TellHisStory this is so perfect for me, as I’ve been in a dray season of waiting for new, feeling as if God is no longer near, or struggling with my faith trumped by my restless ambition and need for clarity. I wrote a post last week about Transitions, which helped, but as all reminders from my faithful blogging community, or those who have know this journey well, I always welcome. I love what your daughter wrote, I’m putting it on my mirror! Blessings!

    1. Christi Avatar

      Wow, thank you for letting me know how this touched you. What a gift to me your words are and I’m sure they will touch my daughter as well. “Restless ambition” ~ you said it perfectly. Isn’t it precious that God doesn’t call us to walk this journey along. I love how He arranges for us to come alongside each other. Thanks again for dropping by!

  7. Christine Duncan Avatar

    I have a daughter entering her final year… when she gets real “quiet” I know she’s feeling daunted by the future looming… so thankful for your words above and a trust in the One who will steer this journey so we don’t have to! Bookmarking this post today! Glad you were my neighbour on the #TellHisStory linkup with Jen!

    1. Christi Avatar

      Christine, I have begun to think that God’s “mysterious ways” include placement in those linkups! And yes, learning how to “parent” them at this stage of life is no easy thing. We need a manual like we had when they were born :) Thanks for letting me know this was of some measure of encouragement today.

  8. samanthalandrus Avatar

    UGH! The frustrations of raising a mini me! Mine is not as old as your’s but she is my oldest. Thank you for the wisdom shared today. Sometimes just stepping back to allow God to work and teach as only he can is the only way to go.

    Thank you, also, for the reminder of preparing your fields for rain. I loved that analogy used in facing the giants. I remember being in a dry season when I first heard it. I remember apply it deeply to my heart as I drudged along waiting for God to move. He would whisper “prepare your fields.” I am coming into a dry season once more. The reminder means so much!

    I can’t wait to visit again!


    1. Christi Avatar

      I love your take on this: “raising a mini me.” That is so true. Glad to have found a fellow sojourner on this road, as well as a kindred “love facing the giants” buddy! Thanks for letting me know it resonated with you on some level. Those are words of life!

  9. Julie Avatar

    Christi, although I am years older than your daughter, you might as well have been speaking to me in that post. Thank you for sharing openly about your daughter’s hate of the waiting game and your perspective on the outside. And for admitting your own times of not wanting to be in the waiting game. I am there now and this post was so encouraging!

    1. Christi Avatar

      What deep words, Julie. I’m certain you know that the highest encouragement you can offer a writer is to let them know their words spoke to you and resonated in your heart. Thank you for this sweet offering to me.

  10. loisflowers Avatar

    Christi, it is so encouraging to read your stories about your teenage and young adult children … it gives me hope and courage as my own daughters get deeper into and closer to their teen years. If her words are any indication, your daughter clearly takes after you, and that is a wonderful thing!

    1. Christi Avatar

      Friend, you bless me! Thank you for that precious affirmation.

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