A story of watching God "make it count" just like He's promised.

How God “Made it Count”

A story of watching God “make it count” just like He’s promised.

{Guest post: For more on this writer (my cousin), see bio at end. The photo in this post is a sign that hangs in my office — a gift from my cousin after the “Make it Count” article that she references below.}

Make it Count

On this very blog several years ago, there was an article that referenced “Make it Count.” That article has impacted my life and changed my way of thinking.

At first, I interpreted it to mean that we should ask God to make it count. Facing an illness, difficulty or challenge? Whatever the outcome, please God, just make it count.

But in recent months, I’ve matured a bit in my thinking about this — I don’t have to ask God to make it count. He is already doing that just like He promises in Romans 8:28. Instead, I ask Him to show me HOW He’s making it count.

Looking for the “count”

I still pray for a positive outcome to illnesses, hardships, and all the ”yucky” stuff that happens on this planet, because God certainly has the power to fix it all. But if the answer is different from what I “want,” I try to see how He’s going to make it count.

Two of my favorite scriptures are Esther 4:14-16 and Daniel 3:16-18. Esther, as well as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did what was right with an attitude of (and I paraphrase) “Hey, we may die doing this, but that’s okay. It’s what God wants us to do!”

I have no doubt that everyone reading this has faced battles. I have a canvas hanging in my office that says, “It’s easier to see God in the rear view mirror than in the headlights.” Can you look back and see how God has made so many things “count” in your life? I sure can! I have one recent example that I’d like to share.

A “breaking” story

As I approached my house after school earlier this year, something looked strange. Once I got closer, I could see that the front door was open.

I share my house with my best friend Lisa, so I called her to make sure she wasn’t home. She wasn’t. I drove around and everything looked okay from the back. I went back around front and cautiously peeked in the front door. It didn’t take me long to realize that someone had broken in. The door frame was laying in the entryway and lights were on. I quickly got back in my car, drove over a block, and called the police. In a matter of minutes, three squad cars arrived and I waited outside for them to investigate.

My first and main concern was for Chipper — my 18-year old Jack Russell Terrier — who stays in my bedroom during the day. I told the police about him and they asked, “Is he dangerous?” I laughed and said, “No. He’s deaf and blind and probably won’t even know you’re there!”

They found him in the backyard. It’s a mystery! If only he could talk …

My next door neighbor works from home and had not noticed anything unusual. However, when he left to run an errand around 10:00 that morning, he noticed our garage door was open. A little later that morning it was still open, so he decided to close it for us. He had to jump over the sensor in order to get out! He had no idea that the front door had been kicked in.

The investigation later revealed the thieves had exited through the garage. That’s why the door was up.

What was lost

The thief took only jewelry and cash. Everything else was basically untouched.

My Sunday morning Bible class collects money each week to take care of a family we’ve “adopted.” I’m the keeper of that money. We had a little over $400 and I just kept it in my desk drawer. That money was gone.

What was “found”

After the class found out, over $500 was given in just two weeks! One lady had just received her tax refund of $400 and was wondering what to do with it! Amazing!

I called my insurance company but ended up not filing because the losses weren’t up to the deductible. I was, however, able to share with her about my Bible class replenishing the money.

The night of the break-in, a couple from Lisa’s church came over and secured the front door with 2 x 4s.

A wonderful man and his wife from church devoted a few hours one Saturday morning to fix my door and lock and would not accept any money.

Another couple from my church went out and did some jewelry shopping for me! What a kind and thoughtful thing to do!

I have been able to share all this with so many people and it’s been easy to talk about how God has poured out His blessings on us! Plus, Lisa and I both have a new attitude of trust and respect for our next door neighbor that we didn’t have before.

God has taken this situation and made it count in countless ways!

Let’s face it, folks… we live in a fallen world! “Yucky” stuff is going to happen. Our God has always been and is still in control. He’s got this. Ask Him to show you how He’s making it count and then watch and see what He’s already doing! You’ll be amazed because truly — our God is amazing!

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About the Guest Writer


Mitzi Thompson is a graduate of Harding University and has been an elementary teacher for 28 years. She enjoys sports of all kinds, especially if the team is from the Dallas area.

Some of her hobbies include painting canvases, strumming a guitar, hitting golf balls, and chilling with her 18-year-old Jack Russell, Chipper! She is involved in many activities at her local congregation and loves spending time with her church family.

Her favorite pastime is sitting around a table and playing a game — any game — doesn’t matter! Her most treasured memories include activities with people, immediate and extended family, as well as dear friends. One of her favorite quotes is this: “Time spent with people is never wasted!”


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3 responses to “How God “Made it Count””

  1. Glenda Thompson Avatar
    Glenda Thompson

    I’m proud to say that’s my daughter, who brightens my life in countless ways. Truly one of the most unselfish and people person I have ever known. Great article! Love you!

  2. Leigh Ann Osburn Avatar
    Leigh Ann Osburn

    Mitzi will brighten a room with her faith in God the minute she walks in.

  3. Ray Wells Avatar
    Ray Wells

    Fantastic! Makes my day brighter. But then, Mitzi does that to everyone she meets. One of the most beautiful spirits ever. Thanks, Mitzi!

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