6 things all fathers need to know

what men need to know about being a father

Don’t miss number 6 — it’s a game-changer! These lessons about being a father are some of the BEST words I have to offer you ~ and they aren’t really mine. I learned them from the best I know.

To my husband’s dad: I’m glad he’s like you

I listened to my husband tell a story about his dad. He won’t know of the admiration I heard and saw in his son’s eyes unless someone tells him. So, I have a little blog and thought I’d use it for just this purpose here on Father’s day.

Why we must stop this parenting habit now

practical parenting advice for raising kids

A little practical parenting advice: this habit can be devastating to our children because they really do care what we think. Maybe it’s time to reframe the “norm” and reconsider what we consider a joke.

God marks across some of our days: “Will explain later”

[Author note: This post was originally published in 2014. Although it ends with a resolve to trust, this wasn’t the end of my darkness. I continued to spiral down and lost my voice. I didn’t write again for six months. When God began to lift me from the pit I had stumbled into, the first thing He did was restore … Read More