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What you need to know if you’re on God’s anvil

Are you feeling pounded by life? Being God’s Masterpiece means time under God’s chisel. Hope for the trials and discipline that accompany time on God’s anvil. Scripture from Ephesians, 1 Peter, James, Proverbs with biblical wisdom, inspirational quotes, and truth from the Word of God for Christians. Bible study, devotional, faith-based encouragement

Are you feeling hammered by life? We love the idea of being God’s masterpiece, but this means time on the anvil. There is no Fastpass or easy button through the chiseling process of growing in faith.

For when you’re weary of trying

Are you struggling? Click through for encouragement and a reminder that timing is everything. Scripture-based inspiration from Galatians. It's a Wonderful Life failed when it first debuted. Don't give up!

Did you try something that whimpered this year? Are you weary from investing with very little return? Click for a little encouragement!

How to Develop Survival-grade Faith

The Hebrews heroes, Peter’s story, and Peter’s Spirit-inspired words point us toward this reality: it is NOT about our performance on the test, but about our faith surviving and thriving through to the other side. Scripture-based encouragement and inspiration for Christians from 1 Peter, Hebrews 11 “hall of faith,” and Peter’s own failure and revival as recorded in the Bible.

Once we’re in a trial or a test, the only way is THROUGH it. Lessons we can glean from Peter’s words and the Hebrews passages about how to overcome challenges in life.