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If you’re looking for …

someone with:
  • extensive writing and editing experience
  • decades of marketing leadership and recent knowledge of modern tactics
  • in-depth knowledge about churches and nonprofits
  • reputation for being quick to listen and the first to run toward a problem

…then I may be able to serve your needs as a freelance writer or marketing consultant.

someone who:
  • sympathizes with the paralyzing effects of information overload
  • has identified the thought leaders worth following
  • has studied & learned from the best
  • teaches in a style focused on small bites, action steps, and quick wins

… then I may be able to help you move the needle in your online marketing efforts.

Coming Soon: Marketing Training & Consulting!

I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits
find the marketing GOLD
without panning through all the dirt.

In my Make It Count courses (releasing 2018),
you’ll learn and implement
some of the most important
digital marketing tactics
to tell your story and attract your target audience.

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Cut through information overload and decision fatigue to focus on what matters most.

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