If you’re the one charged with finding a speaker that will inspire your group, I know that’s a daunting task.

Encouraging others with Scriptural truth and personal stories of God’s faithfulness is one of my favorite privileges. Your audience will be reminded he is worthy of their trust.

This page gives you an overview of what I can offer. But don’t stop here. Click the pink button and let me know what other questions you have that I still need to answer!

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An Overview of this Page

A Little About Me

I love watching the Bible come alive for those in front of me and delivering inspirational messages that resonate with their deepest pain.

I’ve spoken at women’s retreats and ladies’ days, as well as parent gatherings during my time at the Christian school where I was Development & Marketing Director and taught Junior High Bible.

I began teaching the Bible to children when I was still a teen. Through the years, I led children’s ministries and wrote church and Christian school curriculum on subjects such as worldview, apologetics, and comprehensive chronological scope and sequences.

I have deep ties to both Christian School and homeschooling, as those were the avenues we used to educate our own three children.

The last few years have included many moves, launching my babies, and getting reacquainted with my husband and this thing they call empty nest.

With so much empty (and so little time), there wasn’t much left to pour out to others. Recently, I believe God said, “It’s time. Go pour.”

So if my time coincides with yours, let’s talk!

In process:

  • Writing a series of courses to help parents teach their kids to defend their faith. Although my products will be aimed at parents, these courses can be adapted for churches or Christian schools.
  • Submitting my first book to the market: Revival: 6 steps to Reviving your Heart and Rebuilding your Prayer Life.
  • More info here: RevivalPray.com

Later this year:

  • Releasing a beginner’s course on digital marketing.
  • Next book:  Rock Solid: Standing firm in the middle of sinking sand.*

*Working title. More information on this under the speaking topic “Faith & Culture.”

My professional background is fundraising and marketing. The last j.o.b. I held was as Director of Marketing for Liberty University. I have been blogging seriously for about two years and recently started freelance writing and editing.

My husband (of 28 years) and I now live in Pennsylvania. Our four kids (one of them earned through marriage) are in Virginia. But Texas will always be “home,” as that is where I spent the first four decades of life.

There’s a little more about me here, and you’ll find favorite topics and samples below.

Retreats I’ve Written

This is the most recent retreat I’ve written and delivered. It began with a look at Peter’s failure of denying Jesus and progressed through the weekend to look at what Peter had to say about survival-grade faith through trials.

It included these four sessions:

  • Lay it down
  • Walk in faith
  • Fix your eyes
  • Stand your ground

I helped the team write the small group follow-up questions and supplied the promotional copy and graphics. They are available for reuse if you would like me to speak to your group on this theme.

Discouragement, fear, and weariness are normal but they don't get the final word on your life. You serve an extraordinary Savior and that makes all the difference! Failure isn't fatal or final; you can go forward in faith. Encouragement and inspiration for Christians from Hebrews 11 and Jesus' restoration of Peter after he denied him. Other Scriptures include John 21, Luke 22, Matthew 26.

Sample promotional copy I provided:

Does the daily challenge of life feel like a struggle?
Is there something in your past that wrestles to define you?
Do you battle fear, discouragement, and weariness, wondering if you have something to offer or can truly be used for the kingdom?

Congratulations! You are normal.

And you’re in good company. Consider how Peter must have felt after denying Christ just before his death on the cross. Imagine what it was like on Saturday when he was drowning in regret.

Now fast forward to John 21 and take a stroll with the risen Lord on the shore of Galilee. Listen for his instructions that turn a night of nothing to show into a catch of more than you can imagine.

Receive His grace and the privilege of confessing your love for the Savior. Hear Him tell you He still has a purpose only you can fulfill. Be recommissioned. And move forward in the full power of the Spirit.

Come walk in the footsteps of the one who went from scaredy cat to super disciple. The story of Peter offers us hope and speaks truth into our own darkness.

Failure is not fatal. Discouragement, fear, and weariness are normal. But none of them get the final word on your life.

You may be ordinary. But you serve an extraordinary God, a risen Savior, and His Spirit resides in you. That makes all the difference.

Come take the next step FORWARD by retreating with your sisters of (church names)

This retreat was based on Psalm 23 and delivered in 3 sessions:

  • Embrace the Valley
  • Embrace His Perspective
  • Embrace His Power & Provision

Much of the content delivered that weekend has been broken up into a 6-session “mini-retreat” I published as an online course.

If you are interested in having me speak on this theme for your retreat, I can give you complimentary access to the online course so you can get a feel for the material.

This has not yet been delivered as a retreat, but is included here because the depth and breadth of material is perfect for a weekend.

This outline would lend itself to smaller sessions, followed by individual prayer and reflection using the written prompts I’ve created.

This material is the subject matter for my current book. More about the book here: RevivalPray.com

These are the six steps covered:

  • 1: Repent & Forgive
  • 2: Recalibrate your Perspective
  • 3: Recall God’s Sovereignty
  • 4: Recenter your Hope
  • 5: Reinforce with Praise
  • 6: Resolve to Shine

Other Topics I Speak On

Each speaking topic is linked to a blog post with similar content.

I will also be available to speak on the content included in my upcoming courses on Teaching Kids to Defend their Faith. This is material I have taught for over a decade.

I have a loosely-followed “7-step process” I’ve developed through the years to discern God’s leading.

Read about it here and here.

This talk will walk the audience through that process and include these major points:

  • 90/10 principle (If you’re not following God’s revealed will for your character, stop searching for his specific will for your choices.)
  • 7 steps and how they’ve played out for me both spiritually and practically
  • 4 takeaways
    • In the going, we learn more about how to go
    • Clarity is not the goal
    • Ease is not the determining factor
    • Timing is everything


I have considered developing this into a retreat that would involve breakout sessions for participants to work through the first three steps during the weekend:

  • Identify desires of the heart and take them before the Lord via journaling and prayer.
  • Study relevant concepts in Scripture, asking the Spirit to intercede and direct.
  • Record related godly instruction

The closing session would set attendees up to outline, plan, and pray it forward (steps 5-7) after giving it time to watch (step 4) following the retreat.

If that interests you, let’s talk.

I coined this term to describe the faith born out of trials. A talk delivered along these lines would speak to hurting hearts (which is usually about 80% of your church or group).

These blog posts represent the flavor of what I have to say on this subject.

This is a new topic and the basis for my next book.
It started with an observation that Peter calls believers “living stones” and compares us to Old Testament priests (1 Peter 2).

From there, I began noticing the many mentions of rocks or stones throughout the Bible.

Circling back after that study, I drew this parallel: the OT priests (tribe of Levi) never had a “land.”
As Americans watch “our land” fall into disarray and Christians fall out of favor, we become anxious about the declining culture.

But Scripture points us back to this idea: rejection should be familiar (Jesus was the stone the builders rejected) and throughout history, God has used the rejection and scattering of His people to accomplish His purposes.

This talk would take your audience through a fun “history drive-by” and connect dots they might have never seen.

After 20 years in marketing and fundraising, I thought I had learned a thing or two. And then the digital, social media, online age of marketing happened. I often say the last two years have been more mind blowing than all the ones that came before.

Getting your message out today is a like shouting into a crowd.
In the middle of a rock concert.
When the lights have all dimmed.

Even if someone happened to hear you, they wouldn’t know where to find you.


So I help churches, nonprofits, and small business owners make sense of it all. I can ‘bottom shelf’ the most important ‘needle movers’ and help business owners and organization leaders make decisions about what to implement next.

This can be a stand alone event or timed to coincide with the same booking.

For instance, if you’d like me to speak to a parent group or ladies’ day on Saturday, you might host a special workshop for small business owners, mom bloggers, etc. on Friday night. You could also consider an event specifically targeted for area churches where I share online strategies most effective for nonprofits.

Speaking Samples

A full 40-minute session previously delivered on Saturday morning of a weekend retreat. This sample is upbeat and admonishing in tone, threading personal stories with deep Scriptural insight.

(Note: This is not a live recording, but an audio message recorded for a podcast following the retreat using the same material delivered that weekend.)

A 20-minute excerpt of content previously delivered on Friday night of a weekend retreat. This sample is empathic and soothing in tone. This audio message was recorded for inclusion in an online paid course.

From the “Ordinary Servant ~ Extraordinary Savior” live series:

A 12-minute video delivered via Facebook Live. This was part of a week of pre-Easter devotionals that followed Peter’s failure and Jesus’ restoration. The series page is here.

Upcoming Availability

September – October, 2017
Spring 2018
Fall 2018

For Texas or Virginia only: limited dates available in Nov. or early Dec. 2017

All expenses are expected to be covered.

Although I am easy-going, there are minimum accommodations I need in order to serve your audience and needs to the best of my ability. Those will be provided as the conversation progresses.

My fee is negotiable, and will be dependent on the location, number of sessions, and additional materials I provide.

In some cases (depending on the size of the audience), we can discuss lowering or dismissing the fee in lieu of purchasing a minimum number of my books or courses for your audience. (e.g., Revival, Embracing the Journey, Teaching kids to defend their faith)

I am not currently considering topics not mentioned above, as this requires a significantly deeper investment of time. But we can discuss derivations of those listed topics.

I look forward to talking with you about your event. Just click the pink button and I will get back to you ASAP!

Christi Gee