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Do you have a message, but need someone to help you put it into words?
Or do you have words, but need someone to help you make them shine?
With decades of professional writing, editing, and quality control experience, I can craft your message, tighten your copy, and make your words count.

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A Little About Me

Over two decades of marketing and development experience, specializing in nonprofits.

  • Last job before launching out on my own: Director of Marketing at Liberty University (Virginia)
  • Established the first Quality Control department, where I:
    • identified what wasn’t working
    • formed and implemented a plan to correct
    • trained others to carry it on

Relevant highlights from this last job:

  • Created writer training program
  • Developed style guide and procedures that served the office of 70+ creatives
  • Coordinated with web content to improve email open rates with subject line A/B testing, content revisions, and google analytics tracking.
  • Assimilated messaging guidelines and targets for writers based on leadership’s talking points
  • Drafted key expansion proposals for senior university leadership

For a sample list of what I have written and edited, see sidebar (desktop) or scroll to end of page (mobile)

My Christian worldview integrates into everything I do. I treat others as I want to be treated and lean into grace, choosing to believe the best.

On the last leadership assessment, Influencer and Connector ranked highest as my strengths.

“You engage people directly
and convince them to act.
You are a catalyst,
craving to put two things together
to make something bigger than it is now.”

Let me put those strengths to work for you.

Christi Gee: Influencer and Connector

You’ll find more about my personal and family life here and details on my strengths and clients below.

Services & Areas of Expertise

My most likely clients:

  • churches, faith-based organizations
  • individual writers seeking to spread a faith-based message
  • small business owners needing marketing and messaging expertise from someone willing to tailor solutions to their specific needs

Leaders and writers in the faith-based niche contract me because I:

  • have extensive experience with churches and nonprofits
  • am a lifelong student of the Bible
  • understand the various “spectrums” where Christians’ views differ
  • can both edit for good writing and discern appropriate (or flawed) use of Scripture.
As a writer, I specialize in:

  • long-form copy (articles, newsletters, blog posts)
  • web copy (scannable text, SEO content, clear calls to action)
  • fundraising letters and collateral pieces
  • any project requiring knowledge of the Bible (devotionals, eBooks, curriculum)
  • sifting large amounts of information down to the most critical messages (organization branding or messaging guides, how-to copy, research-based content)

As an editor, I:

  • identify bloated content and remove fluff
  • delete redundancy
  • rework sentences to tighten copy
  • eliminate passive voice
  • improve flow and organization

While doing all of the above, I am also able to quickly see grammar, punctuation, and consistency issues.

My approach always involves my “teacher heart,” as I hope the writer comes away with an increased understanding of how to do this for himself or herself on future projects.

Due to the complex diversity of both type and quality of content, I do not bid on large projects by word count or other measures of length.

For large writing projects, I will:

  • give an estimated range of time required
  • check in with the client half-way through to discuss progress
  • reorder priorities or deliverables if necessary after check-in

For large editing projects
(minimum contract of four hours), we can follow this process:

  • 15-minute phone session to discuss goals and client’s priorities
  • Complete one hour of editing *
  • Discuss the edits and redirect priorities if necessary
  • Complete the remainder of the editing in 2-4 hour batches so the client stays aware of the ongoing expense

Billing details:

  • * This initial hour is billed immediately and due upon receipt for new clients unless prior arrangements have been discussed.
  • After the first hour is paid, new clients are billed every two weeks or $400, whichever comes first.
  • Established clients will be billed monthly or bi-weekly, depending on the volume.

Flat rate for both writing and editing: $65/hour *

*Please note:

  • This is an introductory rate as I launch this new service.
  • It will be increased once my schedule is full.
  • New clients who start with me prior to my rate increase will be allowed to continue at this introductory rate through May 31, 2018.


This chart from WritingAssist.com shows standard rates for these services. Click here for the source and full version.

Copywriter Rates


Samples & Testimonials

*Sample work completed for other clients:

  • Edit 13 newsletter segments: 3 hours
  • Edit 5 blog posts (total 4,440 words): 5 hours
  • Consult/Write end-of-year development mailers, including:
    • craft strategy and content arc based on CEO’s overall vision
    • work with marketing director to segment donor base and set goals and content derivatives
    • craft variable text for introductions, CTAs, P.S. statements, and reply device copy for 20 different segments
    • Project timeline: 16-18 hours
  • Write January receipt letter for donors: 2 hours

*Details from a recent project:

  • Contracted to write a blog post and related segmented emails for a membership drive
  • Given a general concept and asked to come up with a relevant storyline, research, and write the post and emails
    View the blog post here.
  • Words submitted: 1800
  • Project timeline: 5 hours

*Major project sample >>> Develop messaging guide for entire organization:

  • Process included:
    • interviewing CEO and other senior leadership
    • reviewing communication and comments from leadership about what was working / not working
    • auditing website, history, and mission
    • reading past proposals, emails, and advertising copy
  • Delivered 17-page document that included:
    • synopsis of the organization’s WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHO, etc.
    • described messaging challenges (“Your target client doesn’t know, feel, do, envision, etc….)
    • graphed these challenges into categories and identified underlying motivators to overcome them
    • outlined a specific strategy for each category
    • outlined do’s and don’ts for the tone and personality of content
    • organized content samples, quotes, stories, and key messages for contract writers to pull from
    • (and more)
  • Project timeline: 50 hours

*DISCLAIMER: These lists are provided as samples of previous work and do not indicate nor guarantee time required for future work.

Writing Samples:

Previous Professional Samples:

I was managing editor for Liberty University’s flagship publication, The Journal.

I also wrote for this publication. Click to view an article on capital projects.

“Christi is a rare gem who I thoroughly enjoy working with.

When I first had the pleasure of working with Christi in 2011 at Liberty University, she brought a freshness with her, and her knowledge and expertise in content, whether written or verbal, was a huge advantage to our entire office.

Now in my new role as Senior Marketing Manager at The Pocket Testament League, she continues to amaze me with her detail to research the subject she is given and her final product never disappoints!”

Katie Davis
Senior Marketing Manager


“That was the extra component that made me want to work with you. I want someone editing my work who has a heart for the Lord and understands his Word.”

Individual author (name withheld)


Since testimonials are still being gathered for current freelance work, here are words from the Vice President of Marketing, submitted when he nominated me for Employee of the Month during my time at Liberty University:

Click here to view source:

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