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5 things parents of teens need to hear

Parents of teens need hope in launching teenagers

Are you in the “launching” season of parenting? During this time, parents of teens need more encouragement than ever. Inside: Hope and inspiration tailored just for you during this hard season!

5 things I wish another mom had said to me

What I wish other moms had told me about parenting with grace

As a younger mom, I would have LOVED to hear these words about parenting with grace from an older mom. If you’re discouraged and worried you’re messing up your kids, these words are for you!

6 things all fathers need to know

what men need to know about being a father

Don’t miss number 6 — it’s a game-changer! These lessons about being a father are some of the BEST words I have to offer you ~ and they aren’t really mine. I learned them from the best I know.

If God Makes you a Mommy

In the pattern of "If you give a mouse a cookie," this cute post travels the journey of motherhood and reminds moms everywhere that God sustains you in each season of parenting. Mothers need encouragement and hope more than anyone!

This cute —yet inspiring— post travels the journey of motherhood and reminds Christian parents everywhere that God sustains you in each season of parenting.

Why Mothering is Kingdom Work

Do you ever feel like you are always fighting a battle? It’s because you are! ~ Mothering is suiting up for combat against an enemy who contends for your children. Take heart and take hold to the ONE who can equip you for the war.

Biblical parenting is kingdom work. Godly mothers engage in enemy combat, contending for their children. It’s sacrifice and it’s not easy. This will remind you why it’s worth it.

5 messages of hope for moms who think they failed

Mom encouragement when you feel like a failure

Mom encouragement (the practical kind) is hard to find. Real-life truth inside. Spoiler alert! You’re not going to get it all perfect and you can’t enjoy every moment. Read on for more down-to-earth inspiration!